Speed Breaker for you

Everything can come to an end abruptly.

The question is,

do we remember this in our lives?

We’re so busy in working like the

prototyped human-machine

that we forget,we’re here to live!

It’s like sitting in a class

and overhearing the lectures.

It’s like marrying someone

who you’re indifferent to.

It’s like doing a job

for ‘money’

It’s like repressing anger and

turning it to hatred.

It’s like wearing a green dress

when you want to wear blue.

It’s like not listening to

a song you always wanted to.

It’s like torturing the

blithe,serene being..

and savaging it

to the extent that

it becomes numb.

It’s like being busy in

satisfying the

illusive desires when

all you could really want

is a gentle sound sleep

like a naive child does.

It’s like ruining the self

to be a part of this

virtual human made world.

Who are you?

Are you that blithe, true soul

which is free to live


Are you this perfect

human made machine

that halts just to keep moving again,

until it fails to destroy the

unbreakable rapture in soul

which stays intact

right there.



Something that’s like a polymorphic method

Which you keep giving different inputs to

Something that you have no control over

And which wasn’t created by you,

Something that is all yours,and yet

Not owned by you.

Something that you would look to

some day when  the time would be close

to lose it.

Something that you are too busy

To ponder over that you miss

A big part of it.

Something that’s as sweet as you find it

Or as bitter as you think of it

Something that makes your beliefs

To shatter them sometimes which makes you

Learn what it is like to grow.

Something that makes you feel your being

Something that you are having right now

Something that is all there is,

Yet comes to an end one day

Something that only few acknowledge faster

something that you mostly twiddle with

until it is lost.

A millions of meanings it has for it as per people

Struggle,journey,memories to say a few

No its not any of them

All what is talked about life is

A dream or a distraction from what it is.

In reality,life to most people

Is something they keep

Twiddling with until

They lose it someday.

Is TWIDDLE also the key to this unresolved RIDDLE

For you?

Think over and choose the answer

Until you change the same.

Abiding irony

A clink of coins, a clink of glasses,

a collision of two, among the masses

Time stops, and life starts running.

Worries disappear,

and reality becomes so good

that it seems like a dream.


Coins flip again;and in a moment

life gets back to the ground,

like the plight of a ball bounced too high.

Worries take their toll;

life stops, and time starts running.

What remains is the memory

of the clink, that ended in a blink.

And God gives you a wink,

signalling your turn is over,

As you keep waiting for champagne;

God says,now its the time for pain.

And you break the glasses, and breathe again.

Now when you hear glasses clinking,

you like the sound of broken glasses better.

And when you are served the dish of pain,

you eat it bit by bit,

relieved atleast that

you know how falling seems flying for a moment,

and how few flashing moments,

can keep you dragging on for far more.

How funny is it that pleasant voices

now seem cacophony,

and you understand the difference

and smile at the irony.