Abiding irony

A clink of coins, a clink of glasses,

a collision of two, among the masses

Time stops, and life starts running.

Worries disappear,

and reality becomes so good

that it seems like a dream.


Coins flip again;and in a moment

life gets back to the ground,

like the plight of a ball bounced too high.

Worries take their toll;

life stops, and time starts running.

What remains is the memory

of the clink, that ended in a blink.

And God gives you a wink,

signalling your turn is over,

As you keep waiting for champagne;

God says,now its the time for pain.

And you break the glasses, and breathe again.

Now when you hear glasses clinking,

you like the sound of broken glasses better.

And when you are served the dish of pain,

you eat it bit by bit,

relieved atleast that

you know how falling seems flying for a moment,

and how few flashing moments,

can keep you dragging on for far more.

How funny is it that pleasant voices

now seem cacophony,

and you understand the difference

and smile at the irony.


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