Let us Remember…

This world is a big trap. We are so trapped in the material enticements we have created for ourselves, that we forget what really matters, and what doesn’t. We all do come to understand with time, about what is of real value, and what isn’t, and how wrongly we have been measuring the real worth of what we have with us. But, what’s different and sad about this is, the realization usually comes after we have already done the mistake of taking the precious assets in our life, for granted.

From the time of our birth, there are two people, who have been loving us more than we can even imagine loving someone. They have been so close, to guide, protect, and help us that they have forgotten their own identity as individuals. Such is their love, and that is the true wealth we own.

Alas, we consider ourselves poor when we see a friend earning more than we do. Sadly, we invent numerous reasons to feel less and small even when we have such a big treasure with us. And what’s even more sad is, how easily we fail to realize that, these two forms of love gifted to us ,are also travelling through their journey of life, and will one day, be on the verge of ending it. We shed a lot of tears on the loss of a person we project to be our friend, and we choose to not give time to the people who would do anything for our well being. And in spite of all our actions, what’s still the same is, they still love us.

They love us no matter how much we wrong them. They love us, no matter how much we hurt them. They love us no matter how many times we take them for granted. They love us no matter how ignorant we are to be able to understand them.

Let us realise, that our time is limited, also for being with these great beings. Our time is limited also for doing something for our parents. Let us remember, each day, that we have the greatest reason to be happy as long as we have our parents with us.


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