God returns when Past allures

There comes a time when
you are not yourself.
When past allures you
to be what you were.
Then is the time to
realise that
things arent always as
they were.
There comes a time
when you find no way
and memories become
where you love to stay.
There comes a time
when you search your love
in your love.
When you are hungry
though you ate,
so lonely with your mate.
There comes a time when
you are so helpless
that you donot understand yourself.
When you forget what you are
When you blame God or question his presence.
This time is just a signal
that God is on the way
He has forgiven you again
Coming to listen to
prayers you did not even say
He wants that you are stronger
With a promise that
you need to bear and not
let fall a single tear,
He brings back your life
and gifts the same to you.
Hold it precious as
now you know
how things
seem far when they are SO NEAR
how losing life being alive


Call for a Change!

Is there a solution to unpleasant occurrences like the recent rape incident, or the killings of the innocent kids in Connecticut? What will discussions and opinions from us,the regular people,or the so thought of as “important” politicans and social workers and celebrities bring,or result in?
The laws and system needs to be made stricter and more efficient,agree. But, will that solve it totally? I guess not.
Values need to be changed. Respect for women, is what is lacking. The Attitude needs to be changed. Laws can provide provisions to kill “rapists”, and diminish their number to some extent. But, what, can cease the existence of this word, called “rape”?
What is it that “we” can do to bring a change in this upsetting world we’re living in?
Sadly, what such incidents result in is, a fear in us,girls, and more restrictions(self imposed as well) for us,the girls. Is freedom and safety in our homeland too much to ask for?
I pray for an answer, and I pray for a solution.


They can move you, thrill you, make you cry, fill you with fear.
They can awaken you, free you, speak to you, stand for you.
They can release you, see you through, make you restless.
They can befriend you, demean you, shatter you.
They leave everything to you.
You can either trap them, or they can forever elude you.


How do you feel right now?

Elated? Satisfied? Tensed? Frustrated? Fearful? Confused? What about?

What if life was just in this moment, when you are reading this? (Isn’t that true?)

Can you be the best of what you want to be, in this moment?

That is all that you have got to do.

Life is too short, really, to not be in the present.

How old are you? (Where did you think the time go?)

Are you happy with yourself? What is it that you want?

Is there an end to the things that you will ever want?

You can never be sated when you have a 99 out of 100. This can be either made a strength, or this can lead you to nowhere.

Just read these lines somewhere today, “Past brings Tears. Future brings Fears. It’s only the Present, that brings Cheers!”

Why not compress your life to just this moment, and do what you truly want to do, in this moment?

Is life that complicated, really? If we can give our best in each moment, and have faith, there’s no space for all the things that we find our lives to be filled with.

Cheers to the fact that we are alive, in this moment.

Cheers to all that we have achieved so far.

Cheers to the fact that we our trying to better ourselves.

Cheers to all the gifts given to us.

Cheers to the present which is the present!!


PS this is a note to self, made public, just in case you derive something from it.