Call for a Change!

Is there a solution to unpleasant occurrences like the recent rape incident, or the killings of the innocent kids in Connecticut? What will discussions and opinions from us,the regular people,or the so thought of as “important” politicans and social workers and celebrities bring,or result in?
The laws and system needs to be made stricter and more efficient,agree. But, will that solve it totally? I guess not.
Values need to be changed. Respect for women, is what is lacking. The Attitude needs to be changed. Laws can provide provisions to kill “rapists”, and diminish their number to some extent. But, what, can cease the existence of this word, called “rape”?
What is it that “we” can do to bring a change in this upsetting world we’re living in?
Sadly, what such incidents result in is, a fear in us,girls, and more restrictions(self imposed as well) for us,the girls. Is freedom and safety in our homeland too much to ask for?
I pray for an answer, and I pray for a solution.


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