Coveted Escape

Note from the author: I would really appreciate an honest feedback for this. I am an amateur who enjoys writing. I am curious about the effect this work produces in your mind, (and also about whether or not it brings something to your mind). Thank you.

Run away, and fly
away from the monotony and hum
to meet life, and enjoy the natural high
with a booze of vigour and freedom.

Leave behind
the must be’s and do’s,
the obligations and the chores,
and Sail infinitely,
losing all track of the shores.

Breathe an air of freedom,
keeping only the desire
to live, alive.
Ease the soured soul,
and get rid of all the scores.
Break the hunt for dollars,
end the race for fame,
and for once,
make Living your goal.

Sleep, Oh friend,
with an empty mind
Unlock it from its prison
Trap the clutter of all kinds
and dump it somewhere
let it all rot there.
Or crush it beneath your feet
as you stand out with a new vision

Eat away the letters
that spell ‘restraint’
and forget what it means.
Crumple each piece of hurt and guilt,
and every piece of self-deceit
Throw them all away
and enjoy the solemn retreat.

Be free, freaking free
Own your moments full
Pour your life in these moments,
Immerse in them
and let them drown in you
as you free your innate life-currents
and start anew.


Tag please?

Give yourself the free gift of freedom. 🙂

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In the current situation and with the level of narrow-mindedness prevalent  in our world, if you believe in “Live and Let Live”, then you are definitely a precious gem among a crowd of people who like being identified by tags(religion,nation, sexuality etc) than by their own selves.

We like to be tagged right from the moment  we come into this world. We will be tagged in a different ways by people.

Let’s see a few of these tags next.

1) Which religion( and caste, and sub-caste and sub-sub-caste) do you belong to?

2) Which nation do you belong to?

3) Are you male or female?(Yes! there are certain protocols even based on gender.e.g. a MAN isn’t supposed to cry, he is supposed to be tough, so basically a man has to go against his nature to “behave” in a manly manner.)

4) Are you straight or gay or lesbian or bi?

5)  Are you black…

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That moment

I looked so hard for a flash of light
that could change the darkness
and make everything bright.
I looked so hard for a shield
when my mind battled, in its naivety,
too adamant to accept, and all set to fight
questioning my beliefs
wanting me to look for a different answer
and let go of you.
But my heart, in its fragility
cried like every time
waiting for your embrace,
searching for rays amidst the haze,
and still looking for you.

I collected the shattered pieces of faith
that were spread too far again.
I struggled, I cried
I whined, I swelled
I blamed, and I felt scared
But..I tried.
I tried to ease my mind
and heal my heart
I tried to try another time
in the hope of having this time.

Still oblivious of what lies ahead
not caring about it anymore,
I smile today and breathe
My heart is joyous,
and my mind relaxed
now that I have found what I need.

Unburdened of all illusions
I am fearless,free,and alive
I fall short of words again,
for incapable will they always be
to define the magic and wonder
that you do and you are
In this moment when I feel so blessed,
can I only capture how it is like
to have found you again.

Purest Endowment

Small hands, looking
for a firm hold.
Small lips,
wanting something.
This is how,
a baby needs a mother.
A caring touch,
A tender feeling,
a pure sense of belonging.
This, is what is
the purest form of love,
the love of a mother and child.
Theirs is a world,
where hearts feel everything;
No words are needed.
A mutual feeling of possession
is what we call as
the ‘Mother-child bond’.

What the World Yearns for

Dwells in every heart,
and seeked by one and all,
Yet lies abondoned and deserted.
Such is the plight of LOVE,
which we so easily let fall.

With eyes closed, and ears keen,
to listen to the soul;
is how I discovered and felt
my heart brimming with love.

Such is not the heart of one,
but of all those alive.
Yet, I find people,
who with wandering minds
and apprehensions,
strive and wait for love to arrive.

Look within and you’ll know,
You are filled with what you want.
Giving some of it to those around
is the only way
to find  love in you abound.


My recent posts are the things that I wrote years ago. It’s fun to read them now. 🙂
Here is something I wrote about God. I somehow want it to be published exactly the way it was then written.
Here it is. 🙂

Presently, I am lucky to have God in my heart. He’s with me. But so uncertain is his coming and going that I don’t realise when he escapes quietly as a mother does after making her child sleep. but, he comes BACK.
At times, he is late, but his arrival is CERTAIN. I try to forgive everyone as he forgives me, always.
At times, I really feel I don’t deserve another chance.But, to my luck, he proves me wrong and I always grab a new one! My love for him has changed with time. When I was small, he used to be with me everywhere. I never knew how it felt to be LONELY. He used to guide me, pamper me, fulfill my wishes(good and right ones), but NOW, he goes away and I keep searching him. Sometimes, I even wrongly feel, he had never been there. My trust faces danger. I see enemies in my own people then. I start hating this world, even myself. This stage is always followed by a call, by me to HIM, MY GOD.
And he SURELY LISTENS TO ME. He arrives as love in my life and I start loving myself.
I don’t know why, but I feel, I don’t love him. I don’t hate him but I don’t feel that I love him either.
I know, this is a wrong feeling. But, I am honest, to him and to myself. I try my best not to hurt him. Here I prove myself wrong, I DO LOVE HIM. I again have that FAITH in him, having a power to make the IMPOSSIBLE, POSSIBLE. I am grateful to him. This word is infinitely small but is the only I can think of.

I am really curious about the responses for this post. The atheists will probably think of me as someone crazy. The believers will probably smile. The psychology guys might want to enlighten me a bit. I can only talk about the response from myself. I feel fresh, I feel I am better connected to this power(which people call GOD, and  I do too) and I hope, it will make me do wonders in future.

Thanks for reading!


Hidden Strength

When showers
are no more freshening,
When clouds be dark
and non white,
When the Sun
seems lacking in

Then is the time
to know,
Rains last not forever,
Clouds strike to give light
and the Sun
Which ‘life’ depends on
Is not worth this plight.

Then is the time to know,
Sun is Sun,
a source of strength
And rain mere rain,
An ocean’s grain
That ends in drain.

Note: Those were just metaphors, I LOVE rains. 😉