A message to girls

Had written this as a note on my cell while travelling recently:

I’m in a train right now. Happened to remember an incident that took place years ago, while I was about to enter my train then at the railway station.
So, I was walking, and this stranger #@$!# guy softly made a dirty remark on me, after which he simply walked away as if nothing had happened. It was so soft that only I could hear it. I was pissed, but I simply kept walking. Now after so many years, I have a regret. Why did I keep silent? I could have shouted and asked him to stop, and should have asked that #!$%@ to speak ALOUD what he had whispered to me. I should not have tolerated it!
All I intent while sharing this with you is to give a message to all the girls out there.
STOP feeling ashamed for no reason, and SPEAK and ACT against any form of ill behaviour that happens with you. STOP TOLERATING and STOP considering yourself as someone who is without power.
The incident in Delhi has moved me, like everyone else. But I have also learnt from it, that there is an urgent need for change. If men would fear disrespecting women, they would think a million times before committing an inhumane crime like rape. We need to change the things by acting courageous and having a voice against the smallest wrong behaviour done with us, or around us.
We have all the power to protect us, and live a life full of freedom. We needn’t tolerate any wrong behaviour.
I applied this to myself and decided to share this .Stop being quiet. Speak up, and let THOSE people feel ashamed about themselves.


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