Tag please?

In the current situation and with the level of narrow-mindedness prevalent  in our world, if you believe in “Live and Let Live”, then you are definitely a precious gem among a crowd of people who like being identified by tags(religion,nation, sexuality etc) than by their own selves.

We like to be tagged right from the moment  we come into this world. We will be tagged in a different ways by people.

Let’s see a few of these tags next.

1) Which religion( and caste, and sub-caste and sub-sub-caste) do you belong to?

2) Which nation do you belong to?

3) Are you male or female?(Yes! there are certain protocols even based on gender.e.g. a MAN isn’t supposed to cry, he is supposed to be tough, so basically a man has to go against his nature to “behave” in a manly manner.)

4) Are you straight or gay or lesbian or bi?

5)  Are you black or white?

6)  Do you drink/smoke? OR Do you not drink/smoke? :D(prejudices exist for both parties)

7) Did you ever do something wrong?(You will have to bear its cost for all your life, your reformations cannot free you of your tag)

8) If you are a woman, do you have a lot of male friends? (you will most certainly be tagged with a label of having a loose character)

9) What kind of music do you like? ( If your likes are different from what a category XYZ likes, you will be labelled “uncool”)

10) Are you fat/ thin or are you in shape? If you do not fit in the pre-defined standards, there’s something lacking in your appearance no matter how healthy you feel(/actually are).

11) Did you ever face any abuse or bad happening in your life? (Oh honey, people will sympathise with you for all your life(or for all their lives) and you will be tagged a “victim” even if you have moved on ages ago)

12) Do you take your own decisions? Oh, how mean of you to not follow others. You will be tagged “selfish” or sometimes “stupid” (Is it really hard to fathom that making a mistake isn’t a sin, and “others” are also humans?)

13) Did you ever admit your mistake? Oh, if you did, you are already paying for it. Aren’t you?
(Unfortunately the “honest” and “accepted” tags are out of stock)

And the list goes ON.

We need to take a break from this imposed burden and give ourselves a chance to discover who we are.

a tag I yearn for!!

The ONLY tag I yearn for!!


The only way to get yourselves un-tagged ^^

The only way to get yourself a FREE tag ^^


How to earn the “Free” tag?

1) Choose to be free in this unfree world. Be so free that others are left with no choice but to feel so comfortable in your presence that they get rid of the burden of these tags too!
2) Start identifying people not by these tags, but by how they are!
3) Encourage people to be themselves by accepting them and respecting them for who they choose to be!
4) Do not fear being laughed at, and say what you feel like saying.
5)  Embrace the imperfections that gel with your personality well. Weird laugh is one such i-m-perfection ;)(Everyone has something they can either feel embarrassed about, or proud about. The choice is left to them.)
6) Do not allow anyone to rule you by their expectations  or from their views about you.
7) Celebrate your uniqueness and be proud of it.
8) Choose not to judge but to love.

I dream of a (tag-) free world for you and for me.
Do you,too? 🙂


8 thoughts on “Tag please?

  1. That’s a tall order. We have developed in tribal societies for 40,000 years, each tribe having its own set of rules, each tribe or “culture” as they are called today—-looks upon the neighbouring one with critiquing eyes and suspicion. ” They are not like us”–“Their habits are weird”–“Those people are crazy.”
    To reach across cultural and religious boundaries in search of unanimity may be ever so desirable, but quite unachievable. Each culture carries its own tag(s) and cultural pride takes precedence over utopian ideology , however desirable such may be.
    We can make changes within our own countries and cultures and possibly to the extent that it becomes a role model for others, but too many different “tags”, especially those that identify with a particular religion, will always put up boundaries against change.
    Our world has changed over the millennia,- it has developed both politically and economically. Two major religions have developed (been invented) in the last two thousand years, other have existed much longer, but they have become basic guides (laws) on how to live, yet the morals they supposedly teach are being lost in today’s digitally connected world.
    Rudyard Kipling’s famous words: “East is east and west is west, and never the twine shall meet” have a much broader connotation in today’s world than it did at the time he wrote it.

    • A little change is always better than no change. 🙂
      Thanks for your views. It’s an interesting and debatable topic that can be discussed for long.

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