Thank You WordPress!

It’s recent that I have started being active as a blogger on WordPress. And, I must say, I am so loving this journey! It’s great to have so many interesting people out there who are blogging. I enjoy the huge variety in the topics that I come across, while reading the freshly pressed blogs.

On WordPress, I meet people who have different goals and different lives, but they all have something in common. They all believe in the power of words. They believe they can bring a change.

With each blog comes a wish of the writer, which can be as small as a release (in the form of words) that the writer feels, to as big as a revolution. The writer might wish to sprout a seed of hope in the hearts of tired people, or (s)he may wish to ignite people’s interests in the fields of her/his interest or expertise. Each post comes with a hope that its words will affect someone in a positive way (here,someone may even be the blogger himself)

WordPress is a platform that can magnificently multiply the power of an individual. If it’s a post about someone who is undergoing a physical/emotional recovery and blogging his experience, WordPress makes it known to a lot of people, and the result –  a lot of blessings from them for the recoverer!

If the post is about a marvellous and admirable person, it spreads the information about this person in no time.

Every time I see the Stats on wordpress,  it  makes me happy when I find the readers all belonging to different parts of the world. It unites people and gives them a universal stand.

Just getting to know people who are eager about improving their lives is an inspiration.

Similarly, it’s really relieving sometimes to know, that our views about life aren’t ours alone. They are shared by other like-minded people.

Also, it’s such a pleasant thing to come across good poetry, it perches the mind for the time it’s being read.

And, the daily posts, and daily prompts from WordPress. What could be a better way to engage our brain cells and get them to work! It’s fun and I look forward to participate more in the same.

And yes, what a nice way blogging is to improve one’s language, and writing skills!

This was just to say thank you to all the bloggers and to WordPress!

Wishing everyone all the best in their pursuits. 🙂

One Love,



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