A rattling good relief it is – to ramble!

This is the first time I am using WP just to ramble. I do not want to edit anything, so bear with the grammar mistakes if there be any. I feel lost today. Everything seems very silent and mundane. I miss something, I miss fun! I miss going on long walks with my best friend. I miss the endless talks on the trivial topics that used to make my day. I miss the excitement of having a new crush. I miss enjoying an icecream. I miss rains! I miss the smell of wet sand. I miss partying hard. I miss laughing horribly and uncontrollably. I miss the pleasant feeling that hits you when you realise someone knows you better than you know yourself. I miss playing with kids. I miss listening to the innocent talks of kids, and their keenness in listening to my stupid uninteresting stories. I miss having my family around. I miss attending a live music concert, that creates a fact, that we can actually miss something that we have never experienced before.:D I miss not giving a f.uck to anything. I miss the joy of suddenly finding money in an old jeans’ pocket. I miss making sand dunes at the beach. I miss the rare success of whistling my favorite song correctly. I miss listening to music with a special friend. I miss saying something without thinking that has double meanings when the hearer most definitely interprets the second meaning that I didn’t intend. I miss travelling with my dad. I miss listening to my brother’s guitar. I miss my granddad!Anyone who hasn’t met him has certainly missed out on a great memorable experience. I miss a pleasant surprise. I miss bumping  into an awesome new song/person/movie/book. I miss working on a challenge to prove myself to someone. It’s fun! I miss that funny expression on people’s face when I embarrass them unintentionally when they least expect it. I miss sipping a small cup of coffee for hours. I miss forgetting to have a meal because I was engrossed in an interesting read. I miss the old ME. 🙂

And i miss being here ^^

And i miss being here ^^


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