That moment

I looked so hard for a flash of light
that could change the darkness
and make everything bright.
I looked so hard for a shield
when my mind battled, in its naivety,
too adamant to accept, and all set to fight
questioning my beliefs
wanting me to look for a different answer
and let go of you.
But my heart, in its fragility
cried like every time
waiting for your embrace,
searching for rays amidst the haze,
and still looking for you.

I collected the shattered pieces of faith
that were spread too far again.
I struggled, I cried
I whined, I swelled
I blamed, and I felt scared
But..I tried.
I tried to ease my mind
and heal my heart
I tried to try another time
in the hope of having this time.

Still oblivious of what lies ahead
not caring about it anymore,
I smile today and breathe
My heart is joyous,
and my mind relaxed
now that I have found what I need.

Unburdened of all illusions
I am fearless,free,and alive
I fall short of words again,
for incapable will they always be
to define the magic and wonder
that you do and you are
In this moment when I feel so blessed,
can I only capture how it is like
to have found you again.


One thought on “That moment

  1. It is not unlike the first time that He was found, only this time since you were away for a while, it only makes it better to really hold on to the bliss that you turned way from before…for now you value this precious treasure that comes from only Him…God bless!

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