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In the current situation and with the level of narrow-mindedness prevalent  in our world, if you believe in “Live and Let Live”, then you are definitely a precious gem among a crowd of people who like being identified by tags(religion,nation, sexuality etc) than by their own selves.

We like to be tagged right from the moment  we come into this world. We will be tagged in a different ways by people.

Let’s see a few of these tags next.

1) Which religion( and caste, and sub-caste and sub-sub-caste) do you belong to?

2) Which nation do you belong to?

3) Are you male or female?(Yes! there are certain protocols even based on gender.e.g. a MAN isn’t supposed to cry, he is supposed to be tough, so basically a man has to go against his nature to “behave” in a manly manner.)

4) Are you straight or gay or lesbian or bi?

5)  Are you black…

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