Coveted Escape

Note from the author: I would really appreciate an honest feedback for this. I am an amateur who enjoys writing. I am curious about the effect this work produces in your mind, (and also about whether or not it brings something to your mind). Thank you.

Run away, and fly
away from the monotony and hum
to meet life, and enjoy the natural high
with a booze of vigour and freedom.

Leave behind
the must be’s and do’s,
the obligations and the chores,
and Sail infinitely,
losing all track of the shores.

Breathe an air of freedom,
keeping only the desire
to live, alive.
Ease the soured soul,
and get rid of all the scores.
Break the hunt for dollars,
end the race for fame,
and for once,
make Living your goal.

Sleep, Oh friend,
with an empty mind
Unlock it from its prison
Trap the clutter of all kinds
and dump it somewhere
let it all rot there.
Or crush it beneath your feet
as you stand out with a new vision

Eat away the letters
that spell ‘restraint’
and forget what it means.
Crumple each piece of hurt and guilt,
and every piece of self-deceit
Throw them all away
and enjoy the solemn retreat.

Be free, freaking free
Own your moments full
Pour your life in these moments,
Immerse in them
and let them drown in you
as you free your innate life-currents
and start anew.


4 thoughts on “Coveted Escape

  1. First of all, it’s a lovely piece of work.
    To me, it brought to mind the desire I have to escape the life i am in. I really do feel like I want to leave everything behind, and it’s linked to what I wrote about in my most recent journal entry about escaping memories.
    It’s hard to be able to move on and leave everything behind, especially the difficult and emotional things, but this poem paints a picture of encouragement and helps you think it would truly be possible.

    • Thanks both for appreciating the work and for providing me a feedback. πŸ™‚
      It’s funny I felt like writing this post right after reading your entry “Rage”.
      I couldn’t resist myself from writing it. I confess, I am not sure about how everyone else reading it will find this, but I felt this escape while writing this poem, and truly cherished it. :)Thanks again.Keep visiting. πŸ™‚

  2. The only motive , the only state I believe happiness exists in its fullest – FREEDOM.
    I strive for that, consciously or subconsciously, in every act.
    Free from every compulsion, every obligation.
    Oh just want to fly ..
    The feeling that I get all the time, the feeling that is all the more strong when I read your lines.

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