Like a rare meteor among a million stars,
is the sight of those who love knowing no bars.

While you make judgements, and treat them harsh
they still soothe you like a marsh.

Like trampled grass beneath your feet,
they please you even when you mistreat.

Like a sunflower that blooms in sunlight,
they are happy when you burn them bright.

You use them when you need and move on until next time
and they look eagerly for another illusive next time.

Painful it is though a little for them
when they find, love isn’t an alien to you.
they find how you love, and give your time
to those dear to you.
And they can’t help but again
take the hurt as they keep longing for you.

How unlucky are you to dismiss love of theirs
How blind are you to not treasure their being.
How pitiful is your oblivion
as you will never know,
who do you mistake for who!
Look around and find them
they are still waiting for you!

They don’t have a choice
as it is their nature to love
I wish that they become indifferent
unless you realize your treasure trove.


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