A pleasant surprise

There is something special about every new day. Each day brings with it an element that makes it unique and special. But it’s a challenge to have the keen eyes to acknowledge such element, and a wise mind to appreciate it. But sometimes, it is really simple to spot its presence. Today has been one of such days for me. No, I didn’t win a lottery ticket. I didn’t get freshly pressed either. And today is not my birthday. 🙂  

Nevertheless I found a pleasant surprise for me. While I was enjoying the mild winters in the evening, lost in my work; there, I heard something. Not an unexpected phone call. Not my favorite song. It was the sound of rains instead!  Yes, I do love rains to this extent. Rain and winters to me are like having coffee and sandwiches. I love them both, but I love them even more when they are together! How I wish, it was as easy to have this combination as it is to grab sandwiches and a coffee mug. 🙂

I love the fragrance of wet soil. It does a lot of things to me at once. It stimulates me. It makes me nostalgic. It intoxicates me. It plays me like an instrument and I get lost in its music. As it brings me a shed of nostalgia to rest in, so does it bring a swarm of dreams, that start hovering around me like bees. But in the next moment, I decide to shoo them away, howsoever tempting they seem to be; because I love the present moment, for it is only this moment that reality stays in. Dreams may or may not be mine, but this moment surely is!

 This environment no doubt initiates a chain reaction of pleasant mood in my mind, which keeps going on. And I catalyse it by playing my favorite track , called, I am yours by Jason Mraz. This song is the definition of freshness to me. I am distracted by the intermittent roaring of clouds as they ask me to come out of this fantastic world of beauty which I so don’t want to leave, and my mind, all encouraged by this new pal, tortures me by my favorite lines, by Robert Frost.

“The woods are lovely, dark, and deep,

But I have promises to keep,

And miles to go before I sleep,

And miles to go before I sleep.”    

 The frogs that croak, now sound  like an alarm to me and despite all the pull of this moment, I fold back this present moment like a morning newspaper. Unstolen, and fresh will it remain now,  as I have preserved it  here for forever.


4 thoughts on “A pleasant surprise

  1. Avani……!!!!! … Its been years, and i have been saying I love rains in winters !!!! Mu punch line 😛
    I have also written a poem on this long back… I love your blog.. Its like it writes my feelings out !!

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