Keep your head HIGH

You will be misunderstood, thought of as being less, and even blamed for mistakes you haven’t made. Sometimes, you will be laughed at for a great idea, and condemned for what actually deserved respect. The only person, who you can choose to be nice with you, is YOU! Respect yourself, and keep your head HIGH. 🙂


Until I resume writing and end this uninvited break , here goes a reblog. 🙂

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When showers
are no more freshening,
When clouds be dark
and non white,
When the Sun
seems lacking in

Then is the time
to know,
Rains last not forever,
Clouds strike to give light
and the Sun
Which ‘life’ depends on
Is not worth this plight.

Then is the time to know,
Sun is Sun,
a source of strength
And rain mere rain,
An ocean’s grain
That ends in drain.

Note: Those were just metaphors, I LOVE rains. 😉

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The Gift

When you are free of fears,
and have cried a million tears
When you have learnt to get up,
and get moving again
When troubles don't 
perturb you anymore, 
and, when you know that 
in each moment,
there is only more
When you learn to trust and accept,
the gifts in disguise of stones
When you  become the reason,
for your own smile
Then the time has come,
that you realise, the treasure
that you have gained
You have traversed the pains,
and welcomed the gains
You have known your worth,
and shredded the chaos
You have thrown away
the loaded bags 
of worry and despair,
and have taken wings to fly and fly
You have known the beauty of
your own existence,
and joy has replaced your every sigh. :)

Work isn’t fun, who says?

The hasty daily chores,

the fun of getting late,

the daily tea breaks,

and recognitions as bait

Work isn’t fun, who says?

I miss the office days.

The deadly deadlines,

the gossips never ending,

frustrations pouring out,

politics surfacing out,

talents feeling proud,

and the colleagues bragging.

The amusing odd one out,

that scared the crowd

the light jokes,

that sometimes led to mess

and the hearty laughs,

when rumours bemused the press

The times of closing work,

hurrying to take a bus

the awkward night’s silence

and tired people’s haze

the heavenly nap that followed

the ending of the day’s race

Work isn’t fun, who says?

I miss the office days.


In stark darkness,

the night grips

scary, and large

as a ghastly giant,


in an eery silence,

secretly it rips.

Trees stay asleep,

and stars

from distance peep

as I silently weep

in its embrace.

 Trapped in an endless fence

tired of being pretentious

no longer faking a bark

for sweet sound of a lark

and entangled twines

for tender accoutrement

I give in to this predicament

and at last lament.

The heart now cold as ice

and still as despair

gives in to its vice.

 ears in anguish,

give in to cacophony.

 eyes see darkness

whether open or close

hands tremble

wishing to feel numb

legs refuse to walk

in a circle-trail

and stay pressed to the ground

Chilly breezes torture the skin,

arousing a feeling which is now akin

In such sight,

when dreams are demons

and hope is out of sight

I whisper to myself,

I wish to no longer wish to win.

But, declivity has acclivity as its twin,

and the former wish disappears the way it appeared

proving itself to be an abeyance,

In such times when all I see is pain,

I let myself feel what it brings,

and keep away from pretence

for sometimes, not giving up means

to simply give in.

and, at last, again, all I wish for, is, to win.