In stark darkness,

the night grips

scary, and large

as a ghastly giant,


in an eery silence,

secretly it rips.

Trees stay asleep,

and stars

from distance peep

as I silently weep

in its embrace.

 Trapped in an endless fence

tired of being pretentious

no longer faking a bark

for sweet sound of a lark

and entangled twines

for tender accoutrement

I give in to this predicament

and at last lament.

The heart now cold as ice

and still as despair

gives in to its vice.

 ears in anguish,

give in to cacophony.

 eyes see darkness

whether open or close

hands tremble

wishing to feel numb

legs refuse to walk

in a circle-trail

and stay pressed to the ground

Chilly breezes torture the skin,

arousing a feeling which is now akin

In such sight,

when dreams are demons

and hope is out of sight

I whisper to myself,

I wish to no longer wish to win.

But, declivity has acclivity as its twin,

and the former wish disappears the way it appeared

proving itself to be an abeyance,

In such times when all I see is pain,

I let myself feel what it brings,

and keep away from pretence

for sometimes, not giving up means

to simply give in.

and, at last, again, all I wish for, is, to win.







3 thoughts on “Abeyance

  1. this is definately one of your finest ones .. both in conglomeration of thoughts and writing skills .. its one that made me re-read not ‘coz i had not completely undrstood, but coz it was so lovely that i wanted to read it again ..:)

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