22 Lessons – often forgotten!

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It is important to not only learn, but also remember the lessons we learn. Also it’s important to accept the phase of forgetfulness (as it will come often)and to trust that change is the life of life. It is not that we don’t know what needs to be remembered. But, we often forget the lessons. This is a list of few lessons I have learnt, I write them in the hope of remembering them often.

1. Live Life. 

We are not eternal people! Live the life you have got. Do not depend on near death experiences to realise its impermanence.

2. Intuition- pay attention to it.

Listen to the inner voice. It will always guide you.

3. Smile – because you want to!

You don’t need a special occasion to just feel happy. If you want to be happy, be!

4. Health – an asset which is the most neglected.

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Let the Mind take Rest

If you are understanding, you know that you don’t understand.How burdened is the mind that judges everyone by their actions. How wasteful and useless it is to try to figure out people. What a freedom it is to just let people be and to live your own life.