Let the Mind take Rest

If you are understanding, you know that you don’t understand.How burdened is the mind that judges everyone by their actions. How wasteful and useless it is to try to figure out people. What a freedom it is to just let people be and to live your own life.


2 thoughts on “Let the Mind take Rest

  1. …..What a freedom it is to just let people be and to live your own life…….
    How can you just live your own life and let other people be? To live is to interact with others in our society and doing so, will bring about judgemental attitudes. That’s part of living–part of being human. You are looking for some kind of utopic world that only exists in the mind. Judging others in the light of what society considers civilized behavior is necessary,- otherwise we would live in a world of chaos and confusion.

    • I might not be very clear in writing it. I believe we cannot understand people totally and our interpretation of the reason behind their actions could be wrong as a result. I was confused about posting this random thought or not. We have a live example of misinterpretation now. 🙂 It is one thing to share and exchange views about things and thus learning in the process and it is another thing to be highly sure of our own opinion about others leaving no space for a possibility that we could be wrong. Mutual trust could be productive and help us better.

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