Trust is the lens to explore the infinite potential of the universe.
Our minds are limited in imagining a possibility, only with trust, can we see the bigger picture and know how wonderfully supportive The Universe is.


Stop Looking


If you are searching hard for a way, or are looking for an answer, and it has been a while that you found some clue, you have got to stop looking around, and just be.

Why? Because, when you stop making your wants your needs, they get fulfilled! Do not be desperately looking for anything or you’ll never find it. I say this from my experience and of several others.

Stop looking for a reason to be happy. Do not let a dream or possibility be the deciding factor of your happiness.

Stop looking, also because, the answers lie within You, and not anywhere else. Only you know yourself the best, and can give yourself  the best advice. Even the most experienced people might be wrong sometimes about you, because only You know how it feels like to be you.

Take a break from the constant twittering of your mind. Close your eyes and smile, that you made it to this point in your life. It’s time to forget everything and do something that you really love doing.

Maybe, plug in your earphones, and listen to music that freezes time for you?

Dance to your favorite tracks where no one can watch you, or better with people who probably just need it as much as you do. 🙂

Go treat yourself to a luscious dinner, and enjoy it all by yourself.

Be your own prince(ss).

Go shopping!

Talk to a stranger. As a wise man once said, “How do you meet a new person? I was stumped by this for many years. And then I realized, you just say “Hi”. They may ignore you. Or you may marry them. And that possibility is worth that one word.”

Write a new blog. Torture people like how I am doing right now by writing your mind out. have got to take a break..not to escape from your problems, but just to remind yourself that your happiness is what matters, and that’s what it’s all about.

Don’t be too hard on yourself. Be happy. And keep reading. 🙂


So easily do we take all the good things for granted. We all are alive in this crazy world. Isn’t this a reason big enough to feel grateful? Let’s feel gratitude in every cell and smile, because we have this beautiful gift of life. Life has its own ways to polish us, and test our patience. We all have our share of challenges and hardships. But we also have a sunshine in some form or the other, that brings a smile on our tired faces. I am writing of nothing new, but I wish that we all make an attempt to actually feel these feelings of gratitude and not just think of them in our mind.

Say thank you, if

  • you got a seat in a crowded bus.
  • a stranger greeted you with a genuine smile.
  • you are enjoying good health.
  • you have met the love of your life.
  • you have those butterflies in stomach and are falling in love already.
  • you have suffered from a break up and have a better understanding of yourself and life.
  • you are able to make someone laugh.
  • you like your job.
  •  you have good people in your life.
  • you took the bold decision of quitting your job for going after what you really love to do.
  • you have great friends who inspire you and never leave you in tough times.
  •  you had an awesome childhood.
  • you have suffered in past when life was harder, because it isn’t now.
  •  you have enjoyed the pleasure of raindrops splashing on your face.
  • you have savored an icecream on a hot summer.
  • you live in a comfortable home.
  • you have a wallet which isn’t empty.
  • you have come across people who thought you weren’t good enough, as they reminded you that their opinion doesn’t matter.
  • you have met kind people, who restored your faith in humanity by their little gestures of great value.
  • someone keeps the door open for you to enter. 
  • someone loves you unconditionally( parents, in most cases)
  •  you have listened to amazing music that energises you, soothes you, comforts you, and thrills you.
  • you have had good times
  • you have had hard blows that life gave to awaken you.
  • you have travelled to beautiful places.
  • you have watched your kids growing up.

Be grateful for who you are in this moment, and for all the wisdom you have gained so far. Take a break from your disappointments, and complaints, and say thank you. 

Say thank you, that you saw this^^ =)

And say thank you, that you saw this^^ =)



Stay connected, with your inner self

Spiritual awakening is a one time experience, but it’s upto us to keep it for a life time. In the rush to pursue our dreams, and in dealing with everything from our mind, we forget about this universal force(or God) which is and has always been with us. Give logic its place, but always pay attention to your inner voice. It is a constant sail that saves us from being lost.