Shaking off the hard mud in mind a bit.

1. Life is hard.

What if the hard things are actually good for us? What if things aren’t bad and only our perception is too small to understand the benefit behind something that seems just too hard right now.

2. There are obstacles.

Should we let our weaknesses become a handicap to our potential? Weaknesses shouldn’t be an excuse to not try to achieve our dreams. Our dreams should live despite what stops us to get closer to them.

3. There are bitter people.

People will be unimaginably bad sometimes. But what good will it do to keep grudges against them forever? Why to pollute our own heart because of something bad done by others?

4. Kindness at times is undeserved.

Those who are kinder to the world attract kindness towards them in even more amounts.

5. Unrestrained joy is something only kids can afford in life.

What if we realise all what was stopping us from living a joyful carefree life was just a small thought in our mind that it has now become a thing of past?

5. All I see is what’s wrong with people.

People around will show you their best part only when you are kind to them.

6. I’m supposed to be hopeful and positive.

It’s ok to complain at times. We aren’t supposed to be positive at all times. We should rather be true to ourselves.


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