Is This About You?

Here’s to the people
who are transparent like glass
the chatterboxes, the candid ones
who everyone knows and everyone has.
They are the ones,
who laugh, until their bellies hurt.
All the stories in their hearts,
they can simply blurt.
When sad, they’ll cry in open
When angry, they’ll ruin or run
They will write you simple lines,
and won’t meddle with any pun.
Here’s to the people,
whose tender hearts melt like snow
Here’s to the people,
whose faults always show.
They’ll fill your space
with energy,
but when you feel low,
they’ll listen and talk slow.
They get on your nerves,
and make you mad,
but they hold your hand,
when you are sad.
They perplex you
with how much they care,
and yet, sometimes annoy
and make you glare.
Well, you love and hate them too.
But, no matter what,
they’ll be there for you.
Here’s to these lovely people,
who dare to show themselves,
and not hide beneath the veils.
In their innocence and vulnerability,
their truth reveals.
Keep these people close,
do not let go
They’ll color your life,
for they aren’t black or white,
they are rather a full rainbow!


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