An alien without voice

Written in response to The Daily Post:

“I am an alien to you. I have no voice. We communicate by sending thoughts where we live. We can perceive your voices through emotions reflected in it. Ours is a different world. We cannot fight as we already read each other’s minds. We feel much more appreciated as we can perceive others thoughts when they appreciate us in their mind. We are more understanding as we need not depend on others to tell their story. We already know it. Ours is a world without voice where there are no voices that are unheard. We like to be here more.
We would like to know though how is it like to sing a song, and listen to just the beautiful sound.
It would be good to trade off places sometime with you.”

Well, if this alien was true, would you like to have its powers to speak and listen without voice?
Let me know in comments.

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One thought on “An alien without voice

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