It’s time again that the fingers dance
as something from within emerges out
It’s time that these little babies
known as words
have finally come out
How much did they get on my nerves
like a kid, oh, so adamant
How much did I feel a void
with a dull blank page
staring at me
yearning for some company
and its imprisonment!

It’s not words maybe that I crave
but this feeling of release that they bring
It’s not the ink to which I cling
but the stream that words flow in.
It’s the rapture,
the intense emotions that they capture.
It’s when mind feels rested while doing its work
It’s when a nudge is all I need and have
It’s when all I remember is a gush.
When similes and metaphors flash in mind
and the movie of life is set to rewind
it is then when I welcome my friends back
and keep them forever on this page,
knowing how they love being in this cage!
Free, and alive like fresh love in air.
Filled with pure bliss and nothing else to spare!



Bidding adieu to the nights of sorrow,
she walks ahead embracing tomorrow
A small spark of courage it was
that made her into fire.
Burning away barriers,
She walks free.
Unveiling all myths
from her eyes,
now filled with rage,
dancing in flames,
out of the cage,
She walks free.

Those wings are meant to fly!

When you fall from a great height,
it brings you a storm of fear.
But, how sad would it be,
to not fly
when you have wings
and the sky’s clear?

Your falls weren’t to hurt you
or to break you from within,
but, they happened instead,
to impart strength and protect,
they were to help you win!

So when you see your lesions,
don’t be sad, don’t you drop a tear.
For they have brought the valuable lessons,
that have made your journey
so bright, sweet and clear.

Butterflies emerged from chrysalis,
and pearls first lived in shells.
It’s in times of struggles, that
real learning dwells.

So when in life,
fear blocks your path,
just remember how you’ve made through,
trust yourself, and remember
It’s ok to stagger a bit,
what matters is that you didn’t stop!
It’s ok to have some scars
as an honour of the challenges you got through
before you reached the top!

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Is This About You?

Here’s to the people
who are transparent like glass
the chatterboxes, the candid ones
who everyone knows and everyone has.
They are the ones,
who laugh, until their bellies hurt.
All the stories in their hearts,
they can simply blurt.
When sad, they’ll cry in open
When angry, they’ll ruin or run
They will write you simple lines,
and won’t meddle with any pun.
Here’s to the people,
whose tender hearts melt like snow
Here’s to the people,
whose faults always show.
They’ll fill your space
with energy,
but when you feel low,
they’ll listen and talk slow.
They get on your nerves,
and make you mad,
but they hold your hand,
when you are sad.
They perplex you
with how much they care,
and yet, sometimes annoy
and make you glare.
Well, you love and hate them too.
But, no matter what,
they’ll be there for you.
Here’s to these lovely people,
who dare to show themselves,
and not hide beneath the veils.
In their innocence and vulnerability,
their truth reveals.
Keep these people close,
do not let go
They’ll color your life,
for they aren’t black or white,
they are rather a full rainbow!

To you, my Life

Life, you have been kind,
you’ve been harsh.
I’ve been stupid,
I’ve been rash.
You have been with me,
but I don’t feel free.
Bound by my inhibitions,
I forget you.
I run after a dream life
stitched by old threads
that aren’t even mine,
and in that race,
I forget you.
My dear life,
my blitheness has flown away
and fears have taken over.
In this race to nowhere,
I have forgotten the joy
that love brings.
My mind is dirtied
with the tartar
of guilt and dissatisfaction.
In all the efforts and quest,
I forgot
that I am free.
I forgot
that happiness is for free.

Revenge and Hatred

Note/ Request : Please read it till the end or don’t read at all. 🙂

If your heart
is chopped like wood,
you need to know,
that hatred is good!
Forgiveness is a jewel of saints,
and being one is no fun
Sometimes all you need
is to embrace revenge
and let your heart burn!
Thrash the bitter words
by proving them wrong.
Cull all your flaws, weaknesses,
and win your own contest,
prune yourself to become your best.
Shine so much
that your light aches their eyes.
and makes them ashamed of their vice.
If you hate someone,
win the races which were then, yet to begin,
give them a permanent wound
of guilt and regret, by your each win.

If you hate someone,
convert your hatred to a fuel
that helps you rise above your defeats,
Until the day comes
when they are nothing to you,
let your feats play with their mind.

If you still find these
not enough,
and wish for something more
wish strongly
that they get a lesson
harder than yours
wish them hurt,
wish them regret
wish them pain
and do that again.
And let them know,
A wish is granted if it is true.
But before you do,
that doing so
could make you an object
of someone else’s hate too,
and their wish will come true too!!


Who is to blame?
For surfacing fears,
and the turbulence within.
Who is to blame?
For weltering anger,
and the rage that brims.
Who is to blame?
For the lies
I speak to myself,
and the truth
I hide from you.
Who is to blame?
For the struggle
your expectations
and my reality.
Who is to blame?
For the wrath I find hard
to both release and hold
Would’t be fair
if you are arraigned
I set you free
and take it on me.