Random thought

Pride is obnoxious, awesomeness is fragrant. Being boastful is too easy, truly appreciating the good in everyone around is just too rare.


What has changed?

Yesterday night I had dinner by myself in a small restaurant. It was almost closing time so there were no people around. What’s more different was that I didn’t have my phone with me. There was no music playing in the background. I was forced to just spend some time with myself. The food wasn’t there yet. 😉 And man, I won’t be lying if I said I was so bored and restless!
I realised how we have made our world and lives so small. Eating alone by myself with nothing to browse on phone, no one to talk to and nothing to listen to, was Not boring a few years ago. What has changed?

Few random thoughts on it.

Isn’t it a good thing that you have got no trouble that’s draining your brain when there’s nothing else to think about?

Erm..when was the last time you thought about something? The meaning for life, the quest to find answers?

When did you last spend your time undistracted on an interesting challenge that made you forget your full cup of coffee (or tea)?

When and how did it become so difficult to just be! 🙂

Until I write…again!

Hello words! Where have you been? I thought you were hiding in my silence. But when I peeped through the covers, I found silence is sleeping too, alone. I have been searching for you, dear words. What do I do to get you back again? Get a new dose of wisdom, maybe? Read something that stirs my soul? Where do I get these things? Oh dear words, you are so, so missed. Please come back in my life.

Realise your worth before it’s too late!

Don’t let few defeats and bitter encounters make you blind to seeing your worth correctly.

Experiences do not stay, but how you see yourself because of them might remain longer with you, and that might not always be the truth.

In the journey of this beautiful life, do not forget to remember how beautiful you are. Wouldn’t it be a shame to have never realised this?

Love yourself a little more than you do now. Praise your journey a little more than you do now.

Let every constructive criticism make you shine more and let every wrong judgement only increase your self esteem.

Cheers. #randomthought


Bidding adieu to the nights of sorrow,
she walks ahead embracing tomorrow
A small spark of courage it was
that made her into fire.
Burning away barriers,
She walks free.
Unveiling all myths
from her eyes,
now filled with rage,
dancing in flames,
out of the cage,
She walks free.

Love. It’s there!

A four lettered word that rules the world!

Somebody’s weakness, and somebody’s strength.

Somebody’s silence, and somebody’s love letters written at length.

An invisible thread, it is, that binds.

It’s the universe and an atom too.

It’s a dot, and infinity too.

Found in glimpses, and little acts of care,

It’s there.

A small baby sleeping on mother’s lap,

A kid rejoicing as its hands clap.

The serenity on a fragile old face,

A dad tying son’s shoe lace

A couple’s warm embrace.

A dog’s tail that wags to greet.

Grandma’s preparation for a family treat

Patient ears that listen to their pals’ tweet

A laborer’s tolling  in heat for he has family to feed.

Sweet words of praise,

Good memories in times of haze.

In all these forms and more,

It’s there.

Deep as an ocean, refreshing as rain

In all its forms, it stays

in every nook and corner

throughout the space.

It rules one, it rules all.

It’s in you, it’s in me, it’s in us all.

What’s your idea of fun?!

In today’s times, what is our idea of fun? To most youngsters, it means hanging out at pubs with friends, going out to expensive cafes, watching movies together, and to some enlightened ones, fun is also in going for trips and treks.

Sharing and remembering stories of friends when they were totally sloshed does seem entertaining, no doubt! But, haven’t the young people made this idea of fun too expensive to afford? Not just in terms of money, but in terms of health as well!

Why do we need alcohol to do crazy things? Why do we need to go to expensive cafes for a chat with friends? Why not sit randomly at staircases instead?

Remember the childhood days? We were lucky to have been kids in the 90s. We were not as addicted to cellphones and the internet world then. Also most of us did not get enough pocket money to afford going out for lavish dinners or brunches. Well, lucky us!

We knew how to have fun gossiping with the closest friends all night. We stared at the moon and stars so often. We would be happy sipping evening tea at home and calling up friends for no reason, or maybe even meeting them to just spend some good time at home. 

When did being at home become boring, and when did going out somewhere become a compulsion to have a good time?

I think it’s time to not be a prey to these fads, that not just limit our sense of enjoyment, but are also heavy on our pockets and are harmful for our health.

I think it’s time we invite our friends to our homes and maybe give them a treat of home made food. We play our favorite music and sip tea together. We forget the enmity of this world and learn  to trust again, share secrets and be innocent together.

It’s time we create stories from each other and let each other write a better one by adding quality to our lives.

So, what’s your idea of fun? Would love to know and would love it more if you knew it yourself! 😉


With responses from friends and few of my own ideas, I have listed below some activities that you can do and that would cost you nothing! Keep sharing and I will update the list. 🙂

  1. Go outdoors! Play some sports – cricket, badminton, football?
  2. Dance like crazy!
  3. Go bicycle riding.
  4. Learn a new song – sing, play, and if you like share. 🙂
  5. Cook something special.
  6. Play with kids and listen to their philosophy and logic. You wouldn’t be disappointed, I bet!
  7. Go for a walk. Enjoy the company of pleasant weather.
  8.  Watch FRIENDS for the nth time.
  9. Write something, or paint. Create a piece of art.
  10. Play cards with friends, or any indoor game that you like. 🙂
  11. Go swimming.
  12. Spend time with grandparents.
  13. Learn speaking a new language.


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