What has changed?

Yesterday night I had dinner by myself in a small restaurant. It was almost closing time so there were no people around. What’s more different was that I didn’t have my phone with me. There was no music playing in the background. I was forced to just spend some time with myself. The food wasn’t there yet. 😉 And man, I won’t be lying if I said I was so bored and restless!
I realised how we have made our world and lives so small. Eating alone by myself with nothing to browse on phone, no one to talk to and nothing to listen to, was Not boring a few years ago. What has changed?

Few random thoughts on it.

Isn’t it a good thing that you have got no trouble that’s draining your brain when there’s nothing else to think about?

Erm..when was the last time you thought about something? The meaning for life, the quest to find answers?

When did you last spend your time undistracted on an interesting challenge that made you forget your full cup of coffee (or tea)?

When and how did it become so difficult to just be! 🙂


Change is good – just a ramble!

I don’t like monotony, not even in emotions. As much as I like to be filled with happiness and feel it in every cell of mine, I also like the intense anger that flows through me and brings out the power in me. I also like to cry my heart out when I feel sad. I like the feeling of anticipation, when I have to eagerly wait for knowing about something that means a lot to me. So yes, a constant state of emotions doesn’t appeal to me. I like ocean because of the waves. I like playing with colors to bring the new ones. I like boredom too as when it reaches extremity, it gives birth to creativity and to change!

Focus on what you want!

So I made a list of the activities that I did as a child but don’t do anymore. And with no efforts from my side, I started doing them today. Call it the power of thoughts, focus or the law of attraction, call it anything, all I know is, it works.
I personally spend quite a lot of energy and thoughts on what’s not working for me. This is something I have observed in others too. So thought of writing this simple thing just in case any of you take a break from making a mental list of what’s not working for you and create a new list of what you want instead!

Stranded “ships”

Aren’t good times a myth,
for they end?
Are the passers by in ones life
entitled to be called a friend?

Don’t all secrets turn
to useless facts,
making those in past,
mere artifacts?

Which bond comes
with a life-time validity?
Does “being in touch”
ensure real proximity?

How does one measure
how close are the hearts
when they could be like neighbours
living so close, and yet so apart?

What measures the reason
for damp eyes
How to tell if it’s joy
or the silent cries?

What tells that the smiles are real?
If everything’s about just the times
Don’t we all die a million times
before we say goodbye for real?

We’re all flying..
like kites in the sky
Forgetting what for..?

We laugh within limits
and cry when we must
We shake hands as a norm
And interact
like its a ritual to perform.

In all this
where are we gone?

How do we trust
when its ourselves
that we deceive..?
How do we just be..
with nothing else to sieve..?