It’s time again that the fingers dance
as something from within emerges out
It’s time that these little babies
known as words
have finally come out
How much did they get on my nerves
like a kid, oh, so adamant
How much did I feel a void
with a dull blank page
staring at me
yearning for some company
and its imprisonment!

It’s not words maybe that I crave
but this feeling of release that they bring
It’s not the ink to which I cling
but the stream that words flow in.
It’s the rapture,
the intense emotions that they capture.
It’s when mind feels rested while doing its work
It’s when a nudge is all I need and have
It’s when all I remember is a gush.
When similes and metaphors flash in mind
and the movie of life is set to rewind
it is then when I welcome my friends back
and keep them forever on this page,
knowing how they love being in this cage!
Free, and alive like fresh love in air.
Filled with pure bliss and nothing else to spare!


It’s raining words today!

It’s time again that I have started to miss writing enough to start doing it again! I really missed typing down something like this. Writing is like, I don’t know an old friend who I  haven’t been in touch with since a long time now? There is an initial resistance which is followed by the same reassurance that it’s the same old friend. (S)he was right there for me all this time. Why doesn’t everyone write? I don’t know that. But for me, my words are my friends. They keep bubbling out from me. When I restrain them, they wait for their chance to come out. These words are like a sudden rainfall that happens out of the blue and it makes me feel so good to meet them again. Words can give joy, bring wisdom or hurt. They are powerful. Just like the people in my life. To be filled with words is like I just can’t hold it anymore and I will have to find something. A pen, a notepad, just anything to pour all this out from my heart. Words are mine. They originate from me. They are an identity of me just like my face? New words emerge but the old ones are protected and still keep traces of me with them. Sometimes words are also a form of communication with something that is both me and at the same time beyond me. They are a bridge from my mind to my soul? Words are also my gift to the people I love. They help me in expressing my affection to them in such an easy way. Words are also my friend in that they help me clear my mind. Also I feel good that they help others’ minds too. With words, I make new friends too. New people start knowing me through my words. They develop a friendship with them and unknowingly form a small bond with me too. Words are like spa, they rejuvenate and refresh. Sometimes the readers, and sometimes me. Words are a little session of meditation. Words are a small time spent with me. Words are also an appeasement to some readers who can relate to what is hidden in them. Words bring out new teams where people share the same thought process. And sometimes words are a sting that strikes something and makes someone a little uncomfortable for sometimes it speaks the bitter truth that someone doesn’t like to hear or expects to not be heard.