To you, my Life

Life, you have been kind,
you’ve been harsh.
I’ve been stupid,
I’ve been rash.
You have been with me,
but I don’t feel free.
Bound by my inhibitions,
I forget you.
I run after a dream life
stitched by old threads
that aren’t even mine,
and in that race,
I forget you.
My dear life,
my blitheness has flown away
and fears have taken over.
In this race to nowhere,
I have forgotten the joy
that love brings.
My mind is dirtied
with the tartar
of guilt and dissatisfaction.
In all the efforts and quest,
I forgot
that I am free.
I forgot
that happiness is for free.


The Gift

When you are free of fears,
and have cried a million tears
When you have learnt to get up,
and get moving again
When troubles don't 
perturb you anymore, 
and, when you know that 
in each moment,
there is only more
When you learn to trust and accept,
the gifts in disguise of stones
When you  become the reason,
for your own smile
Then the time has come,
that you realise, the treasure
that you have gained
You have traversed the pains,
and welcomed the gains
You have known your worth,
and shredded the chaos
You have thrown away
the loaded bags 
of worry and despair,
and have taken wings to fly and fly
You have known the beauty of
your own existence,
and joy has replaced your every sigh. :)