Those wings are meant to fly!

When you fall from a great height,
it brings you a storm of fear.
But, how sad would it be,
to not fly
when you have wings
and the sky’s clear?

Your falls weren’t to hurt you
or to break you from within,
but, they happened instead,
to impart strength and protect,
they were to help you win!

So when you see your lesions,
don’t be sad, don’t you drop a tear.
For they have brought the valuable lessons,
that have made your journey
so bright, sweet and clear.

Butterflies emerged from chrysalis,
and pearls first lived in shells.
It’s in times of struggles, that
real learning dwells.

So when in life,
fear blocks your path,
just remember how you’ve made through,
trust yourself, and remember
It’s ok to stagger a bit,
what matters is that you didn’t stop!
It’s ok to have some scars
as an honour of the challenges you got through
before you reached the top!

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This I write for You

When fears haunt your mind,

and happiness eludes,

When you are in a cage,

but freedom, you refuse,

When problems barrage from everywhere

and there is no aegis you find,

When you look back,

and find no sweet repose,

When you look ahead,

and you see a blank,

When you cry alone,

and find no hope,

When you lack strength,

and can’t bear to cope,

When you see enemies all around,

and also hate the one

who lives in you,

When your qualities hide,

and you lie alone,

like a dumped diamond,

mistaken for stone,

When you think,

all is done, and all is over,

When there is nowhere to escape,

and each moment is hard to get through,

When despair blinds you,

and mind is faint too,

just remember, I have felt it too.

But, I have got through,

and so can you.

When you think,

you are all alone,

just remember,

I may not know you,

but I am with you.

I am the hand,

waiting for your hold,

Take the next step of courage,

do not withhold

I am the assurance,

it’s not the end.

I wish you to know,

that I believe,

Just smile a bit,

and happiness will pour.

Just thank a bit,

and you will thank more.

When you are on the verge of giving up,

just know,

it’s not the end yet.

Life isn’t just darkness,

it’s a lot more.


Hidden Strength

When showers
are no more freshening,
When clouds be dark
and non white,
When the Sun
seems lacking in

Then is the time
to know,
Rains last not forever,
Clouds strike to give light
and the Sun
Which ‘life’ depends on
Is not worth this plight.

Then is the time to know,
Sun is Sun,
a source of strength
And rain mere rain,
An ocean’s grain
That ends in drain.

Note: Those were just metaphors, I LOVE rains. 😉