Realise your worth before it’s too late!

Don’t let few defeats and bitter encounters make you blind to seeing your worth correctly.

Experiences do not stay, but how you see yourself because of them might remain longer with you, and that might not always be the truth.

In the journey of this beautiful life, do not forget to remember how beautiful you are. Wouldn’t it be a shame to have never realised this?

Love yourself a little more than you do now. Praise your journey a little more than you do now.

Let every constructive criticism make you shine more and let every wrong judgement only increase your self esteem.

Cheers. #randomthought


Revenge and Hatred

Note/ Request : Please read it till the end or don’t read at all. 🙂

If your heart
is chopped like wood,
you need to know,
that hatred is good!
Forgiveness is a jewel of saints,
and being one is no fun
Sometimes all you need
is to embrace revenge
and let your heart burn!
Thrash the bitter words
by proving them wrong.
Cull all your flaws, weaknesses,
and win your own contest,
prune yourself to become your best.
Shine so much
that your light aches their eyes.
and makes them ashamed of their vice.
If you hate someone,
win the races which were then, yet to begin,
give them a permanent wound
of guilt and regret, by your each win.

If you hate someone,
convert your hatred to a fuel
that helps you rise above your defeats,
Until the day comes
when they are nothing to you,
let your feats play with their mind.

If you still find these
not enough,
and wish for something more
wish strongly
that they get a lesson
harder than yours
wish them hurt,
wish them regret
wish them pain
and do that again.
And let them know,
A wish is granted if it is true.
But before you do,
that doing so
could make you an object
of someone else’s hate too,
and their wish will come true too!!