Random thought

Pride is obnoxious, awesomeness is fragrant. Being boastful is too easy, truly appreciating the good in everyone around is just too rare.


Focus on what you want!

So I made a list of the activities that I did as a child but don’t do anymore. And with no efforts from my side, I started doing them today. Call it the power of thoughts, focus or the law of attraction, call it anything, all I know is, it works.
I personally spend quite a lot of energy and thoughts on what’s not working for me. This is something I have observed in others too. So thought of writing this simple thing just in case any of you take a break from making a mental list of what’s not working for you and create a new list of what you want instead!

blessed are the hearts that love!

Isn’t love beautiful? You feel happiness overflowing to find them in joy. You cry when they cry. You love them so much that you would rather choose to suffer yourself than see them in pain. Their smile makes your day. Their worries bring frowns on your forehead. You would care for them each time they cross road with you as if they’re still a small kid. You’d feel so content to find them comfortable when they’re travelling. You’d fight the world to protect them. And your biggest fear would be to be without them.
What a blessing it is to love!

P S I missed you all. 🙂
Now is the time to write again.
See you around!