Realise your worth before it’s too late!

Don’t let few defeats and bitter encounters make you blind to seeing your worth correctly.

Experiences do not stay, but how you see yourself because of them might remain longer with you, and that might not always be the truth.

In the journey of this beautiful life, do not forget to remember how beautiful you are. Wouldn’t it be a shame to have never realised this?

Love yourself a little more than you do now. Praise your journey a little more than you do now.

Let every constructive criticism make you shine more and let every wrong judgement only increase your self esteem.

Cheers. #randomthought



I wish not for stories,
for they end.
I wish not for mysteries,
I fail to comprehend.
I wish not for games to win,
for I have won the battle within.
I wish not for tears,
I wish not for the years that passed
I wish not for a smack of love
just to watch it wither.
All I wish for now
is a sweet surrender,
a promise to keep,
a smile that fades not,
a hand to hold in mine,
All I wish for now is
who I can call mine.

Infinite Unknown

You enlighten me,

and they think it’s my mind.

You bring up new scenes,

and they term it casual change.

I forget you, and they misunderstand

the consequences as fate.

You hold me again,

and they think it’s them instead.

You wake me up,

You tear me down.

You live through me,

You feed my soul.

You hold the pen,

and they think it’s me.

You are everywhere,

You are all that is.

You soothe me,

You bruise me.

You bring back smiles,

You give tears.

You speak through people.

You arrive in different forms.

And, they think, it’s them.

Let’s keep this secret to us, shall we?